ERC-20 Token

TOKI is an ERC-20 Token that runs on top of Ethereum and is the lifeblood of the TOKI ecosystem. Now for the first time TOKI is available for sale on our cryptocurrency exchange,

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Toki Ethos

Everyone matters:

Every single person on the earth was made in God’s image. Everyone, regardless of apparent disability or blind spot, is custom made with a unique set of gifts and talents. Great leaders will see beyond disability and discover the unique human potential in everyone.

Scarcity is an Illusion:

Modern culture has been steeped in a philosophy of scarcity, which is what prompts greed and hoarding. The same God that fed the Israelites for 40 years with a double portion on Fridays, is the same God that reigns today. God’s logistics are perfect. There will be enough.

If it can be free, let it be free:

In the digital age, the cost of sharing ideas, designs, and documents is rapidly approaching zero. Rather than establish arbitrary paywalls for curated content, we hope that members of the Toki community will embrace the idea of co-creating abundance and share what they know. We reap what we sow.

Be real and Be accountable:

In the digital age, the world has adopted a disposable attitude towards digital personas with little accountability for bad decisions or misguided choices. We aspire to be authentic while respecting personal privacy. Mistakes happen but with good intention and genuine resolution to do better, nobody is beyond redemption.

Empower don’t Enslave:

Through a systematic framework of debt-based banking, much of the world has become enslaved. While lending is perfectly reasonable, the goal in extending credit should be to empower through reasonable terms and a non-predatory approach to collateral.

Privacy is a Right:

We believe that accountable persons should be trusted to govern themselves within the bounds of the law. We will seek to make real privacy easy to use, and to work diligently to safeguard the right to individual privacy, both online and offline.

There is Nobility in Truth:

While our individual perception of truth varies and changes over the course of our journey, truth is absolute. There is perhaps no more noble pursuit on this side of eternity, than to search the truth, and to know it with certainty. We all have a fiduciary duty to each other to search for truth and, without ego, to learn from each other.

Love does conquer all:

While the media propagates fear, uncertainty and doubt, we believe that we really are in this together and approach each day with optimism. We invite all who join Toki to consider the possibility that “love thy neighbor as thyself” is not some abstract moral aspiration, but rather is the single best advice anyone every gave!