tOKI Products

Incredibly intuitive packed with everything kids needs

While a lot more is going on at Toki (yes, we never stop working and innovating), we have completed 2 products so far and they are in the production phase.

TOKI Products

School in a Box

School in a box is a state of the art product that has the capability to open up new arenas of learning. We are not replacing schools. We are making them more technological. Imagine a government school with little to no seating facilities having a complete computer system to teach via visuals.

For parents who want their kids to be smarter, can purchase and just plug the box into a socket. Your children can learn numerous things themselves without you having to worry about them being exposed to the content they should not be. Using this box, your kid will be more:

  • Curious
  • Smarter
  • Independent
  • Self-taught
  • Quick learner
  • Problem Solver

What is it?

A simply amazing device

School in a box is a device which contains modules like study material, numbers, alphabets, habit creation, games, puzzles, riddles and so on. The mental muscle that your kid can make just by browsing through a variety of content is simply amazing!

Who is it for?

Kids & Parents

This product was designed keeping in mind the curiosity of the kids and the insecurity of the parents to let the kids access the internet, because they may be exposed to adult content or get addicted. With School in a box, getting addicted equals more learning, more curiosity and more development. This product is for:

  • Parents who want their kids to be smarter and curious
  • Schools who can’t afford a computer
  • Religious places who wish to spread awareness about education and empower the society

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