Epik Holdings, Inc. (Epik) operates Epik.com (the domain name registrar and marketplace), as well as other products and services as identified within our Epik Labs page.

Like most online companies, Epik collects personal information from customers, which we use to provide reliable service. This Privacy Policy explains what kinds of personal information (Info) we collect, the purposes for which it is used, and how it may be shared. We also explain your rights to review this personal information and to modify or withdraw your consent for Epik to use or share it. What Info is Collected.

(1) Account Creation

When you create an Epik account, we collect the following information from you:
  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number

(2) Security

Additionally, Epik asks new customers to select or create the following:
  • User Name
  • Password

(3) Payments

When processing payments by you to Epik or disbursing funds from Epik to you, we naturally collect information about the payment method used:
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Account (for Wire Transfers)

(4) Additional Authorization

In rare cases, Epik may request further information on a strictly voluntary basis:
  • Citizenship information
  • Scanned copies of government-issued ID
  • VAT Number

(5) Support Inquiries

If you contact Epik customer support, our system will log pertinent information, which may include:
  • Fist and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Account PIN Number
  • Message text

(6) Domain Inquiries

When someone inquires about a domain name that is registered at Epik, that person may be addressing the owner, or Epik, or (due to confusion) someone else. Such communications pass through Epik's system, and we keep a record:
  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Offer Amount (if any)
  • Message Text

(7) Online Interactions

When you visit the Epik platform – including any of our websites, apps, or support channels – or interact with an email message sent by us, Epik may log pertinent data:
  • IP Address
  • Online Actions (pages viewed, links clicked, settings altered)

Note: Epik does not track your online behavior except as it relates to the Epik platform.

If you believe some personal information gathered by Epik has been omitted from the list above, please notify us so that we can add a clear explanation. Our goal is complete transparency.
How Information is Used

This description mirrors the numbering used in the previous section.

(1) Account Creation

When registering a domain name, ownership and contact details are required by ICANN and other TLD registry operators. These include first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Such details are used to identify the domain name's legal owner as well as to contact the administrator in the event of alleged abuse. Epik cannot process domain registrations without this basic information.

Although some TLDs (domain endings) require additional kinds of information beyond those data cited, for most TLDs these are sufficient. To minimize intrusiveness, Epik gathers only what we need for the most common TLDs. This core information is requested at the moment of account creation because, as a domain registrar, Epik anticipates that most customers will register or transfer a domain soon after creating an account. For a streamlined experience, our goal is to have customers fill out only one form.

Additionally, Epik relies on these details – especially name, email address, and phone number – to identify customers correctly when they contact Epik support. In cases where Epik must contact you about a problem, we rely on both email and phone, since either method alone may fail. Collecting your phone number also allows Epik to offer 2-factor authentication as an additional security option – safer than password protection alone.

As a global company, we also refer to state and country information to choose the right time of day to call. In rare cases, legal notices must be delivered by physical post to the address on file. Mailing address information is also used to assess eligibility for certain TLD registrations, which are sometimes limited to particular countries or even cities. This helps Epik show relevant TLDs to you via email or on our website. With more than 1000 TLDs in existence, we can improve the user experience by focusing on those with a connection to you based on language or location. Epik also uses geographical information to perform a statistical analysis of our customer base.

Epik sends automated renewal reminders via email to help customers avoid unintentional service interruptions, additional fees, or total loss of a domain name once it expires. Email is also used to notify customers of important issues such as policy changes, outages, security breaches, price increases, and so forth. Marketing emails may also be sent to customers who have opted to receive information about promotional prices, new Epik features, new TLDs, new services, domain industry news, and the like. Notably, domain transfers between Epik accounts or between Epik and another domain registrar cannot function properly without email notifications. That is true of all domain registrars. Your email address is also used to validate account ownership and to restore access in the event that a password is forgotten.