So, How Does Toki Work?

Toki connects to the internet and compresses the most popular sites and stores them so when transported to places with no internet communication users in that area can still receive internet content. This will become more and more of a problem as we are quickly moving to an authoritative controlled tech oligarchy where free speech is limited and will soon be completely censored.

When the Toki has internet connection it will refresh the content regularly but store for serving for times when an internet connection is not available thus providing decentralized internet service anywhere on the planet.


The first version of TokiOS for Raspberry Pi available for download!

Quick Start Guide

Setup is simple and easy with Toki OS. Simply download the OS, flash it to your device, and you're done!

  • Step 1 - Download Toki OS to your computer
  • Step 2 - Ensure that you have a Raspberry Pi 3/4, a 32 GB micro SD card, Power Supply, microSD Flasher (Balena Etcher), and ethernet cord
  • Step 3 - Extract/Decompress the img file onto your file system
  • Step 4 - Download an image flashing software such as Balena Etcher
  • Step 5 - Flash the Toki operating system image onto your MicroSD card
  • Step 6 - Insert the Micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi and switch it on
  • Step 7 - Connect to the “Tokinet” WiFi network from your mobile device or computer
  • Step 8 - Visit or http://toki/