While the full scope of how Toki might impact humanity is not known, we believe that its potential for positive transformation is beyond our ability to perceive at the outset. Like-minded individuals and organizations are invited to join Toki with a spirit of optimism and to bring their time, talent and/or treasure to bear on this endeavor in whatever way they are inspired.

Some core design features:

Single Sign On for the World: Portable and verifiable identity is the foundation for establishing reputation. In a decentralized digital economy nobody needs to be a stranger as they move from location to location, whether in the physical world or the digital world.

Decentralized, encrypted and resilient data: Toki hosts of all sizes are being deployed all over the world, including in underground bunker facilities. Users control their data and control how data is shared. Users also control who knows what about them and for how long.

Direct Commerce: Toki is our medium of exchange for settlement. Where possible, Toki cuts out the middleman by empowering producers and consumers to find each other and transact directly with each other in the most efficient way possible, instantly and without transaction fees.

Dispute Resolution: While the vast majority of transactions will be free and private, in the event of a disputed transaction between 2 or more parties, if the parties cannot settle their dispute amongst themselves within a reasonable time, the identity and terms of agreement will be visible to Toki admins who will seek to arbitrate before going to the courts

  • Master Nodes (Container or Suitcase) communicate with the internet via wired connection or Starlink
  • Mesh Network syncs w/ other nodes (Micro and Mobile)
  • Mobile Nodes as they touch and sync more relevant content can sync back to other mobile or micro nodes as they come into their reach geographically
  • Users can transact in TOKI even when not connected to the internet truly peer-to-peer over bluetooth phone to phone.
  • Transaction records sync to the blockchain bidirectionally
  • If user-a wants to buy goods or service from user-b the transaction is logged to both of their devices if disconnected and syncs back to the blockchain at the next time they are connected to the internet

Partner Network

Toki is part of the Epik ecosystem and benefits from all of Epik’s product suite to leverage the best freedom technology on the planet.

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