About Toki

Connecting all people

Democratizing the internet through a low-cost plug and play device

pocket wifi solution

Our Vision

At Toki.com, our vision is to serve the remaining 60% of the population with an “information for all” initiative where we aspire to empower the people, with information by bringing them the internet and making them more empowered, self-reliant and democratize information to facilitate content, community and commerce.

Our Mission

Our mission at Toki.com is to democratize internet through a low cost plug and play device which brings internet to the remotest of villages across the world, to people who are less privileged and do not have access to the kind of information that would empower them towards a better and more informed decision making, and in the process, change the course of their lives.

Our Story

How it all started?

It started with a simple idea when one of our dear members faced electricity failure and the generator wasn’t working. He had some important stuff to do and couldn’t access the internet. The mobile data had run out! No Wifi to connect to! And he realized that if he could lose so much while not being online for 2 hours, think of the life of people who stay in remote parts of the world with no access to the right information, no internet connection but infinitely many dream and immense potential.

  • Who caters to them?
  • When will their time come?
  • How about those who stay in developing countries with borderline access to internet due to high cost?
  • Who will help all these people?

An idea was born! A vision took shape that day!

To empower the people with information – content, community and commerce.

How We Evolved?

Our Journey has been nothing but Amazing

Let us walk you through our journey and how we evolved

  • oct 2019
    Idea was conceived
  • Devices identified for providing the internet
    dec 2019
  • Feb 2020
    First phase of development done
  • Second phase of development completed
    Apr 2020
  • Jun 2020
    Testing of phase 1 and phase 2
  • Phase 3 development
    July 2020
  • Sep 2020
    Planning the product launch, final touch
  • Product Launch (School in a box, Gratefulness box)
    Oct 2020
  • Nov 2020
    First product shipped

What Next?

Cool, amazing and impactful products

At Toki.com, we are coming up with cool, amazing and impactful products that will change the course of lives and the way students learn, change the way schools will teach their students and the price at which a farmer would sell their produce. Just because they would have the right information!

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