Taking a stand

Through 2020 the intentions of “Big Tech” became very clear to the world.

In opposition to freedom “Big Tech” seeks to control humanity through centralized control of content and by filtering communication. Epik has taken a stance against this oligarchy of control and been a safe haven for voices that differ from the accepted narrative.

Toki is led by veteran technology leaders from companies like Epik and others who understand and value the true pillars of human empowerment: truth, sovereignty and love.

With Toki the people of the world can take advantage of the advancements of the last decade while still exiting the cloud and taking control of their services, storage and security.

TOKI Product suite

The Toki Product suite enters the market by solving three
main problems that “Big Tech” uses to take hold of the
people of the world in a digital manner.

Toki Token
Securely store and transmit value for use within the TOKI ecosystem
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Toki Dashboard
Manage all your services wherever they are from one unified but not centralized control panel
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Toki Storage

Store up to 8 Petabytes in portable storage systems that can be securely operated from anywhere

Micro – runs on a Rasberry Pi 4 and can service 10-15 concurrent users on your fully decentralized ISP

Suitcase – runs in a suitcase sized decentralized ISP to provide content and storage to upwards of 3,000 concurrent users

Cluster – runs in a shipping container that is mobile and can be moved and can service upwards of 50,000 concurrent users and store upwards of 20 Petabytes of data fully decentralized

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An Intoduction to Toki

Epik CEO Rob Monster introduces the Toki project.